The Ozark Native is so

Proud of his heritage

He would never leave the area

Since it is like a grand stage.


The birds love the spring

And fill the air with song.

The fish begin to bite and

A fisherman can do no wrong.


Spring woods are full of dogwoods

And redbud trees on shady hillsides.

No place can surpass summer's beauty

And the colors on the horizon's sights.


Quail whistling across the field

And an eagle soaring across the sky.

Just a couple of examples of the

Miracles seen by an Ozark Native's eye.


Fresh air blowing in your face

As you speed across the lake

Makes all your worries leave

No matter how much time it takes.


Ozark Natives love the streams and

All the wildlife that abounds

Especially the picture perfect lake that

A peaceful sunrise surrounds.


The Ozark Native believes that no one

Is so blessed as he

To continue to live his life

In a place of serenity.


                                       Composed for my father